José (Joe) Leizerowicz


I finished my studies in Electronics at UTFSM in 1974. After I finished my Master at the University of Leeds (‘75) I worked in the area of RF and Microwave Transmission Systems with the Advanced Development Group, Telecom Div. of General Electric Company, in Coventry, England until 1980, when I emigrated to Canada.


For a short while I worked for Spar Aerospace in Montreal, developing components for the Anik-C Canadian satellite, and then joined the Transmission System Division of Nortel, initially in Montreal and later in Atlanta, working with microwave and fiber transmission systems until 1987. This included cooperation with Bell Northern Research deploying the first MCI 64QAM 6GHz digital transmission system in the US, between NJ and IL.


For the following seven years I went into engineering management working for MA Electronics in Toronto, a subsidiary of MA/COM, developing hybrid control, RF, and microwave components for aerospace applications.

After several industrial assignments, in 2001 I decided to dedicate myself to education in Canada. I have been ever since with DeVry in Calgary. In this period of time I have developed a Sensor Based Instrumentation course with biomedical and petroleum industry applications. In association with the local Gas & Oil industry I organized DeVry training initiatives involving the Measurement While Drilling (MWD)technology.

NOTAS DEL EDITOR: Jose Leizerowicz fue uno de los pioneros del Area de Comunicaciones del Depto. de Ing. Electronica. Es recordado por muchos sansanos de la generacion de los 70s por ser quien implemento desde cero el Laboratorio de Comunicaciones (junto a Walter Grote, Sergio Olavarria, Daniel Rodriguez, y otros) y que ha tenido una excelente secuela a traves del tiempo.